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Google Progressive Web Apps Pioneers:

Case Studies - We’ve named the major advantages and draws of PWAs. However, we feel that some of you may be hungry for something more tangible. Why don’t we talk about the companies that have already launched their first progressive applications? Let’s see how well they’re doing...

Twitter launched it's Twitter Lite PWA last year. By the advent of 2018, they enjoyed the 65% increase in pages viewed per session and the 20% bounce rate decrease. What’s more, the Tweet number grew by 75%, which is just impressive. Well done!

Flipkart’s native app was damn heavy. The company continuously faced high uninstall rates until they went for a lightweight PWA that currently drives as much as 50% of their new clients in. hotel search system enjoyed increased user engagement soon after launching their PWA. This led to a 97% boost in click-outs to hotel offers.

The team of Lancôme got a solid conversion boost when they launched their PWA. However, these were the push notifications that surprised them with their effectiveness. 18% of the customers receiving the notification opened up their website, 12% recovered their carts and 8%actually made a purchase., the world’s largest online business-to-business trading platform, saw a 76% rise in conversions and four times higher interaction rate after it upgraded its mobile site to a PWA.

And it’s not just retailers.

The Weather Channel saw an 80% improvement in site load time from its PWA, with almost one million users opting in to receive push notifications.

Amazing stats!

For others, who want to eye-witness successful PWAs in action, we’ve got an extensive list of PWAs that rock.

So, now you know what PWAs are and in what way businesses make it up a notch with them. And the best part is you can do it too!


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What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

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Simply put, a Progressive Web App is a mixture of a mobile and web app!

But what does this exactly mean? And how are these different from Traditional Web Apps and Native Apps?

PWAs Are Progressive  - These apps work for every user, regardless of the browser that you are using or even where you are situated in the world! So whether you are using Chrome or Opera or whether you are living in India, UK or even North Korea, it doesn’t matter! Progressive Web Apps will work just as well because they’re built with progressive enhancement as a core tenet.

Responsive  -  Progressive Web Apps will fit any device! Be it a desktop, a mobile, a tablet, or even something that hasn’t been created yet!

Web Apps That Don’t Depend On Connectivity  - With the help of service workers, Progressive Web Apps can even work on low-quality networks, or even offline!

App-Like Feel  -  Progressive Web Apps feel just like an app. They have app-style interactions and navigation.

Fresh  - Thanks to service workers, your Progressive Web App will always be up-to-date with the latest updates!

Safe  - Progressive Web Apps are always served via HTTPS, ensuring that no-one without proper authorization can tamper with your app.

Discoverable  - According to the W3C manifest, Progressive Web Apps are classed as apps. It easier to find a Progressive Web App thanks to service worker registration scope that allows search engines to easily find them.

User Engagement  - PWA features like Push Notifications make user engagement very easy!

Installation  - Users can “keep” the most useful PWAs on their home screen without the hassle of app stores.

Linkable  - PWAs can be easily shared via URL and do not require complex installation.